Are you recovering from an injury or surgery and your Physiotherapist has provided you with a rehabilitation program but you’re unsure of what or how to do the exercises?  Or you may have recently signed up to a Gym, but the Trainer has advised you to consult a Physio to help you with a specific problem before you commence training?

We can help!

These timeslots are available to anyone currently following a rehab program, or exercises to correct a specific problem and who need assistance and supervision to help perform their exercises correctly and safely.

All you need to do is ask your Physiotherapist for the rehab program, contact us with the information, and book your initial Consultation Session online.

If you have signed up to a Gym but need guidance on what exercises you need to do to Correct a specific problem, we’ll do an initial assessment on you, and provide exercises specifically to address this.

After that, we’ll go through all the exercises with you and book follow up group sessions as per your program.  You can then call down to the studio for either a morning or evening session and we’ll be on hand to assist you.